Random Facts:

Stationery Edition

The three loves of my life are stationery, books and random facts. I thought I’d share 15 interesting facts about two of them.


  1. Pencils can write under water.
  2. Pen lids cause an average of 100 deaths per year.
  3. In the 1900’s a judge requested that a margin was drawn on the left side of his paper.
  4. Before erasers were invented, stale bread was used to rub out pencil marks.
  5. One Pine tree can make about 80 000 sheets of paper.
  6. Before the name stapler, it was called the Hotchkiss.
  7. 85% of all highlighters sold are yellow.
  8. The invention of the glue stick is inspired from lipstick.
  9. Pencils didn’t have erasers on them until about 100 years ago, teachers thought that they would encourage children to make mistakes.
  10. Marcel Bich introduced the first inexpensive ballpoint pen in 1949, he named it BIC after himself.
  11. An Osaka, Japan based company called ‘Sakura Color Products Corp’ invented gel ink in 1984. They developed gel pens soon after.
  12. 507,000,000 Post-It notes would be needed to circle the world once.
  13. The Egyptians’ version of a fountain pen was a hollow bamboo stems sharpened at one end and filled with writing fluid.
  14. During the Second World War, Norwegian resistance fighters attached a single paper clip to their lapel as a subtle indication that they were taking the fight to Hitler’s troops.
  15. In 2010, a pen decorated with 945 black diamonds and 123 rubies was auctioned off for $8million in Shanghai. It was called the ‘Fulgor Nocturnus’ and was made by Tibaldi.


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