What is with the unicorn craze?

Unicorns have been around for centuries.

These mystical creatures are depicted in folklore as white horses with single horns that symbolise purity and grace, but these days, they are all about magic and rainbows; and lately, they are everywhere.

Our Instagram feeds have become flooded with unicorn pictures. From cupcakes to pool floats and pyjamas to illustrations on countless other items. I myself, have built up quite a collection of unicorn paraphernalia – paperclips are stuck to the unicorn head on my desk, my car keys have a pretty unicorn with a rainbow mane on the chain; even my packages are being taped together with rainbow coloured tape coming from  – you guessed it – a unicorn dispenser.

So why are we all obsessed with unicorns right now?

Our surroundings have become depressing, our souls are grey and we are constantly bombarded with horror stories about the world we live in.  To counteract this, we’ve created our own fantasy that would bring a kaleidoscope of colour back into our world and all the tons and tons of glitter that comes with it.


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