What does your favourite pen say about you?

Your pen of choice could be giving away all your secrets. Here’s what they’ve been saying about you:

Ballpoint pen – You are a practical no-nonsense type. You are happy to use the pens that the office provides because they get the job done just as well.

Markers – You are a quick thinker that doesn’t shy away from a challenge and loves throwing ideas around.

Highlighters – You are a student or someone with a very hectic work schedule. You are also a visual learner and organisation is your strong point.

Fountain pens – You are old-fashioned at heart and still use pen and paper. You have an eye for detail.

Rollerball pens – You get the best of both worlds with the rollerball’s inky lines and no fuss tip. You are efficient and strong willed and under no circumstance will settle for second best.

Erasable ink pen – You are a neat freak and a perfectionist.

Novelty pens – You probably have an array of cute pens and which one you use depends on your mood. You are fun-loving, goofy and still watch cartoons.

Multi-functional pens – why have 5 different tools when you can have only one? You are a multi-tasker, travel light and keep up with the latest technology.

 You own all of the above and can’t choose one?

Then stand up, state your name, and repeat after me – “I am a stationery addict.”

*This is a condensed version of the article that was published on the Euro Office blog on 08 October 2014.
The original article can be found here: https://blog.euroffice.co.uk/what-does-your-favourite-pen-say-about-you/


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